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Hi everybody,

hope you're having a great day! :)

Ryan from Inkscape shared this on Twitter - he made some seriously cool banners for GIMP and Inkscape, and offered to make them for Kdenlive and Krita, among others:


I jumped in and said I would help him get in touch with the right people, so this is my attempt at doing that. :)

I wanted to check here if there is any interest in having those banners designed, as well as find out who to recommend as the main contact(s).

Excellent! We would also be very happy with such a banner, and have a great event in preparation for the end of april so it would be perfect if the delays are not too short!

He can contact me directly for more details.
Jean-Baptiste Mardelle

If there is any better way to connect Ryan and Kdenlive/Krita teams other than telling him to send an email to the projects' mailing lists, please let me know.

(For example, if he should contact someone from those projects directly, or join a Telegram group - maybe the VDG one?)

Thanks a lot!

Ivana Isadora

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