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> On miƩrcoles, 7 de marzo de 2018 20:08:12 (CET) Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
> > I'm not him, but I will be going there. The LGM isn't much of an event for
> > project banners though, at least the last few times I visited. It's small-
> > scale. The focus last times was very much on people doing alternative
> > high-brow art stuff with free software,
> But that is fine, no? A sign of maturity. I understand there should be a
> place where developers should go and compare notes and learn from each
> other, but an event where you showcase the capabilities of the software and
> can draw in and end user community must be good.

Ahm... No, that's not what happens, mostly. At least, not last time I 
attended.  You won't find many people who actually produce some art that other 
people would recognize. It's all fun and quite interesting, but it's not like 
people show off what you can do with gimp or krita or inkscape or blender -- 
it's where people show the results of their art academy final project or 
experiments. Check out http://conversations.tools/

I missed quite a few editions, though. It was in places that were too far (Rio 
de Janeiro), or I was too much pre-occupied with keeping going. The program 
for 2018 isn't done yet, and speakers haven't yet had confirmation of 

But it usually is fun, mostly friendly and in any case, it'll be my vacation 
this year.

> What is this event like? Talks? Demos? Booths?

There are talks and workshops, in my experience no booths. No space where 
you'd put up a promo banner, at least, I've never seen those: but I'd still 
want one for Krita!

LGM is extremely small, actually, and has been shrinking for some time. It's 
not a place where people come to see you present your software project 
(although that does happen, it's not encouraged), rather, everyone is supposed 
to already know about most relevant projects, and there's one introductory 
presentation called the "State of The Libre Graphics Union" for which every 
project can submit some slides, usually presented by a gimp/gegl developer.

Not that we actually know which event Baptiste was talking about!
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