Thanks Luigi for starting discussion,

Adding little bit of context on why this discussion is needed. This
discussion was triggered by calindori getting included in the KDE group
on gitlab.

Calindori previously was developed fully on gitlab and would prefer to
use gitlab for as many things as it can. I've also incubated Kaidan[1]
which was using self-hosted gitlab infrastructure, and have total of
approximately 200+ issues before incubating into KDE, with multiple

Now we have following options,

a) force these repositories to use bugzilla instead of gitlab till we
   come up with the solution to drkonqi problem.
b) open a bugzilla product for compatibility with drkonqi and keep using
   gitlab for internal issues/bugs.

I think solution b is least invasive solution to problem. and on
personal note, I think if we have some infrastructure (gitlab issues)
and if we force projects to not use it. I don't think it makes much
sense.. and if it is our stance then we better close incubator

Again this is my personal opinion and doesn't represent the KDE
community's or KDE Sysadmin team's opinion.


On Tue, Jul 02, 2019 at 02:55:41PM +0200, Luigi Toscano wrote:
> Hi,
> one of the main point of the gitlab migration has been so far the replacement
> for phabricator. We didn't discuss about bug tracking.
> Despite this, I've seen a few projects using issues as replacement for 
> bugzilla.
> We can all debate which is better, whether bugzilla or the gitlab issues, but
> please consider that:
> - having to ways to report a bug makes like of everyone more complicated for
> users reporting bug who need to find the proper place, and for bug triager
> - drkonqi still continue to report to bugzilla. Future versions of drkonqi can
> be fixed to support the new system and we would need also a proxy for older
> versions of drkonqi, but until such thing exist, a migration is out of 
> question.
> My suggestion right now is to disable issues completely, or if they need to be
> enable to allow us to replace phabricator tasks, then to reduce their scope to
> this.
> -- 
> Luigi

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