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Diogo Constantino from Ubucon's organizers team reached out to me about KDE attending the annual Ubucon event that is taking place on October 10th to 13th in Sintra, Portugal, this year:

According to their website, "Ubucon is an event organized by the Ubuntu Communities from all around the world. The focus of the event is Ubuntu, an open source, community-driven and free linux distribution, and other free and open source technologies."

You can submit a proposal for talk, workshop or lightning talk until July 31st, but keep in mind there will probably be some extension to the deadline.

Quoting Diogo:

"You can certainly can have a booth, possibly do some presentations about KDE, the plasma desktop and/or applications, how to get involved with KDE, maybe come tell us also about your events and what can the broader Ubuntu community take from them. Possibly some of your members also are involved with the Kubuntu official flavour, and even people that work on Neon might have interesting things to discuss with the Ubuntu community because it's based on Ubuntu. Also we see a lot of snaps for KDE, that might be an interesting topic too, usually people from the Canonocal snapcraft team come the the Ubucon Europe, maybe you guys can also coordinate also something with them. If you have other ideas we're also open to at least check if they're viable, but we really want to provide a good opportunity for networking and for exposing good Free Software to the Ubuntu Community, and other visitors."

Let me know if you are interested or have any questions and I can bring you in contact with him.

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