Hey folks :)

The proposals for the next goals are in their final drafting stage.
Please help get them over the finish line so that we have solid
proposals to vote on.

Some things to pay attention to:
* Clarity of the goal: Is it understandable? Do you know what it is
trying to achieve?
* Title: Is the title short, clear and attractive?
* Resources: Are there additional resources (past discussions, links,
...) that are helpful in shaping the goal? Do we need outside
expertise? Has someone else done this before?
* Help: Are you willing to help make this goal reality if it is voted
in? Add your name to it. Are there other people in the community who
need to know about the goal? Ping them.
* Reality check: Is it achievable in the currently written form?
* Success criteria: Can we define what success for the goal means? How
would we measure it?



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