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> My assumption was that they where focus points for a set time period. A sort
> of "lets do this!" kind of thing where the "lets" and "this" was varying in
> style and format.
> Sure some kinda slipped under the radar, but for the vast majority its just
> not possible to invest the time needed to make a proper blip. That said, what
> would be amazingly interesting would be some kind of report of how the people
> who held the task felt it went, what we can learn from each others projects
> and tasks, and see what can be taken from them.

Yes absolutely. We will dedicate most of the first half of day one's
program at Akademy to this exclusively. I will also work with promo to
get something written up for the dot or so.

> I mean what we know is that reporting, as in a constant recurring blog has
> worked wonders for Nate's Polish & Improve task - perhaps we could look at how
> we can improve the reporting of these tasks in general to mimic that success?
> Could this be a task in itself? Like a low-level task for people who want to
> contribute but have little time? Like "Talk to Devs and others in the task and
> then write a blog post each/each other week"? It doesn't take a lot of deep
> technical skill, requires some good communication and connection with devs etc
> but beyond that - hammer out some words, some screenshots if needed?

Institutionalising this more for the next ones sounds great. It would
be helpful for example to assign a "reporter in charge" to each new
goal, maybe ideally someone else than the leader of the goal even to
take off that part of the workload. If someone would be up for this
let's talk and figure out the details.


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