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Here is how we play with desktop environment:
We used to startup traditional desktop via
       a) vncserver with noxstartup on :N as X server
       b) setting up user environment (e.g, copy application.desktop
template to ~/Desktop, per-user based, but administrators knows ), usually
done by automatic shell scripts
       c) startkde on :N
       d) send VNC info (e.g, ip,port, auth-token) to user
       e) destroy VNC server when user finishes

through this way we could get every user with their requirement

However, this process still works except we are not have b) by default,
except that we can't have FolderView desktop by default.

For a single user of course it's not a big case, as one can easily
drag-and-drop customize the desktop once and for all, the pity is for us as
administrators we can hardly figure out a batch way to do it for the users.

Is there any way to do alternative way to b) in plasma?
e.g create a FolderView widget configuration or the user before the kde
desktop is ready OR after the desktop is read, then we add it to the very
desktop. as I mentioned we want to do it in a batch way.

Any reference / Suggestion is welcome, or simply we switched to a better

Definitely we don't want to switch back to FVWM/Xfce, as users feels more
comfortable in KDE plasma.

Liu An

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