Good morning everyone,

As previously discussed on the KDE Community mailing list, we've now
retired from service in favour of the Nextcloud realtime
editor and it's associated functionality.

To assist in making this functionality as easy to work with as
possible, Sysadmin has provisioned a community shared folder to host
these documents. This folder has been pre-populated with exported
copies of the public pads in HTML format which had previously been
hosted on

This folder can be accessed at any time by visiting or by logging into and
selecting the "Community Notes" folder. For those who prefer
anonymous/read-only access, that can be achieved by visiting (which will then redirect you to the public
shared link on

Going forward should you need to create new documents to
collaboratively edit, you can continue to do so by creating them in
that folder where they'll be accessible by all other members of the

For those who prefer a direct link to documents, you can find these by
opening the document in question (creating it first if necessary) then
opening the sidebar, and clicking the copy/clipboard icon on the far
right, immediately below the X you would use to close the sidebar.
Please note that these links will require the user to login however.

Should you need to create a link for anyone to edit a document, please
feel free to create a public share link for the document. This can be
done by opening the sidebar, then selecting Sharing and selecting the
option to create a Share link, ensuring you tick the option to "Allow

Please note that in the interests of preventing data-loss we have
restricted the folder to prevent files from being deleted or otherwise
removed from it. Should you find anything which needs removing, please
file a Sysadmin ticket.

Should anyone have any questions regarding any of the above, please let us know.

Ben Cooksley
KDE Sysadmin

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