13th February 2016. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.19.0.

KDE Frameworks are 70 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide variety of·
commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well tested·
libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see the·
Frameworks 5.0 release announcement.


  Simplify attica plugin look-up and initialization

Breeze Icons

  Many new icons
  Add missing mimetype icons from oxygen icon set

Extra CMake Modules

  ECMAddAppIcon: Use absolute path when operating on icons
  Make sure the prefix is looked-up on Android
  Add a FindPoppler module
  Use PATH_SUFFIXES in ecm_find_package_handle_library_components()


  Don't call exec() from QML (bug 357435)
  KActivitiesStats library is now in a separate repository


  Also perform preAuthAction for Backends with AuthorizeFromHelperCapability
  Fix DBus service name of polkit agent


  Fix High-DPI issue in KCMUtils


  KLineEdit::setUrlDropsEnabled method can not be marked as deprecated


  add a "Complementary" color scheme to kcolorscheme


  Update docs for KCrash::initialize. Application developers are encourage to 
call it explicitly.


  Clean up dependencies for KDeclarative/QuickAddons
  [KWindowSystemProxy] Add setter for showingDesktop
  DropArea: Fix correctly ignoring dragEnter event with preventStealing
  DragArea: Implement grabbing delegate item
  DragDropEvent: Add ignore() function


  Revert BlockingQueuedConnection hack, Qt 5.6 will contain a better fix
  Make kded register under aliases specified by the kded modules

KDELibs 4 Support

  kdelibs4support requires kded (for kdedmodule.desktop)


  Allow querying for a file's origin URL


  Prevent crash in case dbus is not available

KDE GUI Addons

  Fix listing of available palettes in color dialog


  Fix detection of icon link type (aka "favicon")


  Reduce use of gettext API


  Add kra and ora imageio plugins (read-only)


  Ignore viewport on current desktop on init startup information
  Port klauncher to xcb
  Use an xcb for interaction with KStartupInfo


  New class FavIconRequestJob in new lib KIOGui, for favicons retrieval
  Fix KDirListerCache crash with two listers for an empty dir in the cache (bug 
  Make Windows implementation of KIO::stat for file:/ protocol error out if the 
file doesn't exist
  Don't assume that files in read-only dir can't be deleted on Windows
  Fix .pri file for KIOWidgets: it depends on KIOCore, not on itself
  Repair kcookiejar autoload, the values got swapped in 6db255388532a4
  Make kcookiejar accessible under the dbus service name org.kde.kcookiejar5
  kssld: install DBus service file for org.kde.kssld5
  Provide a DBus service file for org.kde.kpasswdserver
  [kio_ftp] fix display of file/directory modification time/date (bug 354597)
  [kio_help] fix garbage sent when serving static files
  [kio_http] Try NTLMv2 authentication if the server denies NTLMv1
  [kio_http] fix porting bugs which broke caching
  [kio_http] Fix NTLMv2 stage 3 response creation
  [kio_http] fix waiting until the cache cleaner listens to the socket
  kio_http_cache_cleaner: don't exit on startup if cache dir doesn't exist yet
  Change DBus name of kio_http_cache_cleaner so it doesn't exit if the kde4 one 
is running


  KRecursiveFilterProxyModel::match: Fix crash


  Fix crash in KJob dialogs (bug 346215)

Package Framework

  Avoid finding the same package multiple times from different paths


  PartManager: stop tracking a widget even if it is no longer top level (bug 


  Better behaviour for "insert braces around" autobrace feature
  Change option key to enforce new default, Newline at End of File = true
  Remove some suspicious setUpdatesEnabled calls (bug 353088)
  Delay emitting of verticalScrollPositionChanged until all stuff is consistent 
for folding (bug 342512)
  Patch updating tag substitution (bug 330634)
  Only update the palette once for the change event belonging to qApp (bug 
  Append newlines at EOF by default
  Add NSIS syntax highlighting file

KWallet Framework

  Duplicate the file descriptor while opening the file to read the env


  Fix buddy widgets working with KFontRequester
  KNewPasswordDialog: use KMessageWidget
  Prevent crash-on-exit in KSelectAction::~KSelectAction


  Change licence header from "Library GPL 2 or later" to "Lesser GPL 2.1 or 
  Fix crash if KWindowSystem::mapViewport is called without a QCoreApplication
  Cache QX11Info::appRootWindow in eventFilter (bug 356479)
  Get rid of QApplication dependency (bug 354811)


  Add option to disable KGlobalAccel at compilation time
  Repair path to app shortcut scheme
  Fix listing of shortcut files (wrong QDir usage)


  Re-check connection state and other properties to be sure they are actual 
(version 2) (bug 352326)

Oxygen Icons

  Remove broken linked files
  Add app icons from the kde applications
  Add breeze places icons into oxygen
  Sync oxygen mimetype icons with breeze mimetype icons

Plasma Framework

  Add a property separatorVisible
  More explicit removal from m_appletInterfaces (bug 358551)
  Use complementaryColorScheme from KColorScheme
  AppletQuickItem: Don't try to set initial size bigger than parent size (bug 
  IconItem: Add usesPlasmaTheme property
  Don't load toolbox on types not desktop or panel
  IconItem: Try to load QIcon::fromTheme icons as svg (bug 353358)
  Ignore check if just one part of size is zero in compactRepresentationCheck 
(bug 358039)
  [Units] Return at least 1ms for durations (bug 357532)
  Add clearActions() to remove every applet interface action
  [plasmaquick/dialog] Don't use KWindowEffects for Notification window type
  Deprecate Applet::loadPlasmoid()
  [PlasmaCore DataModel] Don't reset model when a source is removed
  Fix margin hints in opague panel background SVG
  IconItem: Add animated property
  [Unity] Scale Desktop icon size
  the button is compose-over-borders
  paintedWidth/paintedheight for IconItem

David Faure, fa...@kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5

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