Ivan Čukić ha scritto:
> Hi everyone,
> As previously announced, KActivities has been split into a few
> separate repositories. This mail is mostly intended to notify our dear
> packagers of the change, and the plan for the transition period.
> KActivities framework 5.19 (as released a few days ago) contains
> everything that it used to, this is about the next version - 5.20.
> This is the former setup:
> ----------------------------------
> Everything was contained in kde:kactivities, and distributions used to
> split it into different packages.
> This is the setup now:
> -------------------------------
> - kde:kactivities - contains the framework and QML includes, it will
> soon become a tier1 integration framework
> - kde:kactivitymanagerd - contains the activities service and its plugins
> - kde:kactivities-stats - the (first-to-be-released-with-5.20)
> framework for getting the usage statistics collected by the activities
> service
> - KIO module from kde:kactivities will be moved to kio-extras
> - KCM module will be moved to plasma-desktop/kcms
> - fileitem plugin will also need a new home (any ideas?)

Can you please also describe how this affects translations? How translations
files (and desktop files, which are sources for translations too) are moved
around, so that we can move them around

(you can follow up to kde-i18n-doc@ only for this part).

Also, see below:
> The release schedules:
> ---------------------------------
> kde:kactivities and kde:kactivities-stats will follow kde frameworks
> release schedule, other components will follow Plasma's release
> schedule.
> How to handle this transition is explained below.
> Dependencies:
> ---------------------
> - kde:kactivities has a optional runtime, but *strongly* recommended
> dependency on kde:kactivitymanagerd (on Plasma distributions)
> - kde:kactivities-stats is not used by anyone at the moment (plasma
> has had an internal copy with a different soname for some time now,
> and it will keep that internal copy until plasma 5.7). Plasma 5.7 will
> depend on kactivities and kactivities-stats.
> The transition period:
> -----------------------------
> The situation with kde:kactivitymanagerd is clear, when making 5.20
> packages of kde:kactivities, please make the kde:kactivitymanagerd
> package to be a hard requirement (alternatively, make plasma-workspace
> require kde:kactivitymanagerd, and make it to be just an optional
> dependency for kde:kactivities).
> The potential problem is with the additional modules like KCM, KIO and
> the FileItem plugin for Dolphin. If the user updates to kf5.20 before
> updating to plasma 5.6 (which will be released after kf5.20, but will
> not depend on kf5.20) these components will be missing, along with the
> features they provide.
> Therefore, as a one-off, we are going to release kcm+kio+fileitem
> plugin as a tarball called kactivities-workspace-5.5 (alternatively,
> is is also available as a git repository at
> kde:scratch/ivan/kactivities-workspace).
> We will also release kactivitymanagerd 5.5 before kf5.20 so that a
> package can be created on time for the update.
> To recap, we are going to make these two releases out of schedule:
> - kactivitymanagerd-5.5 that will contain the activities service
> needed for the upgrade to kf5.20
> - kactivities-workspace-5.5 that will contain workspace plugins (KIO,
> KCM, FileItem) for the period between the upgrade to kf5.20 and
> upgrade to plasma 5.6.

Please don't forget translations for those special tarballs.


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