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(Updated Sept. 22, 2016, 8:35 p.m.)


This change has been discarded.

Review request for kdelibs, kwin, Plasma, Aaron J. Seigo, and Martin Gräßlin.

Repository: kdelibs


When setting "Keep window thumbnails" to "Always (Breaks minimization)", kwin 
will keep WM_STATE to be NORMAL when a client is minimized while including 
_NET_WM_STATE_HIDDEN in its _NET_WM_STATE, as confirmed by ICCCM[1] and 
Extended Window Manager Hints[2]. However, apart from the expected result 
(breaks minimization: the client will continue to refresh its content) the 
minimized window is not shown as minimized in icontasks and pager.

These two plasma addons (and probably other addons as well) uses 
KWindowInfo::isMinimized to determine whether the window is minimized. However, 
this function threat all window that are not Iconic (WM_STATE != ICONIC) as not 
minimized, in contradiction to the "Extended window manager hints" which says, 
"Pagers and similar applications should use _NET_WM_STATE_HIDDEN instead of 
WM_STATE to decide whether to display a window in miniature representations of 
the windows on a desktop."

This patch correct this behavior and therefore correct the behavior of both 
pager and icontasks in this situation.

[1] http://tronche.com/gui/x/icccm/sec-4.html#s-
[2] http://standards.freedesktop.org/wm-spec/wm-spec-1.3.html#id2731936


  kdeui/windowmanagement/kwindowinfo_x11.cpp d983c9a 

Diff: https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/108308/diff/


Compiled, pager and icontasks shows minimized windows correctly.
Also tested on openbox (+plasma's pager) by "Xuetian Weng".


Yichao Yu

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