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I hereby announce the move of Kwave to "kdereview", on it's way to

Kwave is a sound editor built on KF5 and exists since November 1998. I
am the maintainer of that project since ~2000 and still actively working
on it.

Currently Kwave is in "kdereview" (for quite a while) and my initial
intention was to get it into KEG. But as I found out, KEG no longer
exists (although it is mentioned in the web site mentioned above) and I
also came to the conclusion that kdemultimedia would be a better place
for it.

This is attempty #5. The first one (~2005) has hit the migration from
CVS to SVN and I was asked to postpone it. The second one was ~2009,
there I hit the migration from SVN to GIT. The third one was 2013, and
finally 2015 I got into kdereview, where the project resides right now -
and waits for approval to go further into kdemultimedia.

kind regards,
Thomas Eschenbacher                       <thomas.eschenbac...@gmx.de>

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