I meant (G)KMenuModel not QObjectModel, my bad.

On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 6:23 AM, Matija Čupić <m...@cmattrex.com> wrote:

> Heya everyone,
> I'm looking to contribute to KDE. I'm not new to programming (just new to
> Qt, KDE), and not asking for handholding, but if someone could strap me up
> with info on how to start, where can I find the style guidelines, how would
> I test my additions/fixes, and what's the procedure for submitting updates,
> that would be awesome.
> Specifically I want to port the appmenu to QObjectModel (since I really
> want that, and it really bugs me it's not implemented yet). If there's
> someone that's familiar with its implementation, and has some rough ideas
> what needs to be done, it would be really cool if he could get me up to
> speed.
> Regards,
> Matt

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