Thanks for the Link, will have a look at it.

Spectacle can take screenshots with or without mouse cursor on it. In the X11 
implementation the cursor image is added as part of post processing to the 
screenshot. With Wayland you have to request the screenshot from the Compositor 
and while making the DBus call you have to say if you want the screenshot to 
include the mouse cursor or not. What I would need is the mouse cursor as a 
separate image.


Sent: Friday, February 02, 2018 at 7:10 PM
From: "Luigi Toscano" <>
Cc: "Damir Porobic" <>
Subject: Re: Adding application to KDE and getting image of current cursor 
under wayland
On Friday, 2 February 2018 19:04:52 CET Damir Porobic wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I've got two questions related to KDE which you could eventually answer:
> 1. Is there a process for adding applications to the KDE family or do you
> always start writing applications specifically for KDE?

There are no applications "for KDE", but KDE being a community, there are only
applications "by KDE".

The process for joining is:

> 2. Is there a way
> to get an image of the current mouse cursor under KWin Wayland? I'm able to
> get screenshots under Wayland but the screenshots have to be requested via
> DBus call and when you request a screenshot with mouse cursor, it is
> already part of the screenshot.

I don't have a Wayland session so I can't check, but can't Spectacle do it?



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