Greetings from Munich!

I have a proposal for adding an easy mode to font configuration kcm module:

The user should be given a choice of few rendering options presented by a 
preview image. The image should be generated “on the fly” using a separately 
selected font family and point size. 

With this we would like to upstream the functionality of a tool we introduced 
during the LiMux project to make the transition easier for users, who where 
uses to the heavily hinted font rendering of 90's windows desktops. 

What would be the platform to make the proposal? I have some screenshots of the 
tool we use in our stable client release and I also want to elaborate on the 

I also noticed that while the code of the fonts module is quite stable in the 
master branch there is a kcm-redesign/fonts branch in the plasma-desktop git 
archive. Where should I start with implementing?


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