Il 11 agosto 2018 15:15:38 CEST, Stefan Champailler <> ha 
>I have submitted a small patch for KInfoCenter. I have put it in
>Phabricator as explained in the documentation. The entry is this :
>I'd like to know if my entry in Phabricator is correctly filled, esp.
>"reviewers" because I have no idea of who should review my code.

The reviewer is not (much) relevant: what's important is that the review is 
visible on the relevant places. In this case, the plasma-devel mailing was 
subscribed because KInfoCenter is part of Plasma.

>checked what looks like the github repo (
> ) 
>and found some names matching with Phabricato's suggestions but I'm not

Please note that github is just a mirror. The canonical repository can be 
browsed through phabricator itself

>I'd also like to know if I still have some other administrative things
>do or if it's just a matter of waiting... 

This is the week of Akademy ( so people may do other stuff. You 
can definitely reach out the developer of the project (Plasma in this case) if 
there are no answers in a while.



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