субота, 17-вер-2016 14:16:55 Antoni Bella Pérez написано:
>   Hi,
>   While translation, I found the following issues:
> Spectacle:
>   Untranslatable strings (four items):
> Take New Screenshot --> but see "Take a New Screenshot" into po file

H-m-m... There is no "Take New Screenshot" in the code (git/master) and in the 
manual. Do not understand what is the problem?

> Export to...
> Online Services --> found in "Export to... -> Online Services"

Same here.

> Configure Save Options -> found in "Save &&& Exit -> Configure Save Options"

It seems that configuration was changed and these options are transferred into 
"Save Options" page of the general Spectacle configuration dialog (I cannot 
build and run git/master on my rather oldish system).
> Kamoso:
>   Entity 'kamoso' not defined (this should be defined within the docbook
> file, whit <!ENTITY kamoso "<application>Kamoso</application>):
> po2xml documentation/extragear-multimedia/kamoso/index.docbook
> ca/docmessages/ extragear-multimedia/kamoso.po
> index.docbook:28: parser error : Entity 'kamoso' not defined
> >&kamoso; 3.2</releaseinfo>

It is in updated general.entities, but Kamoso is in extragear. Opinions?

> Kaffeine:
>   A mistake (left -> right):
> the discovered channels will appear on the left
> the discovered channels will appear on the right

Fixed. Thanks.

>   Regards
>   Toni

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