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>  Maybe this is the wrong place for this but perhaps you can direct me for
> help. I have repeated the processes several times but I can't find my
> backed up "keys" for the life of me. I have saved them to documents and
> places from that little browser like bin, and up and down the line and when
> I open these places nothing is there.


I might be wrong, but it is possible that you are talking about folder views:


or the yellow notes widget:


The Folder views are just like windows to your file system, so nothing should 
be lost. Your files are in their folders. If indexing is enabled then you can 
easily find them by pressing Alt+F2 then typing some keywords.

On the other hand, the content of notes is lost as soon as the sticky note 
widget is closed.

This mailing list is for documentation writers so your question is slightly off 
topic here. Please use support channels:


Hope this helps.

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