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  > Sorry for not keeping you in the loop. We only had the best intentions ;) 
Feel free to remind us again if we forget to bump something.
  No need for  excuse
  > Could you tell us more about the ideal doc workflow? Currently we tried to 
update the docbook (in Spectacle, mainly) as soon as we changed something. Do 
you prefer we'd not do that and instead to write it all yourself? Or perform 
docbook changes always in a follow-up patch in order to avoid spamming the doc 
team with excessive technical review noise?
  Your workflow updating the docbook together with the code change is really 
appreciated, thanks.
  Getting mails on about documentation related changes 
in GUI or docbook is definitely no spam ;-)
  The documentation team gets a mail on via a hook 
implemented by our famous sysadmins about any commit where a docbook is changed 
or added.
  But that is too late for the documentation team to comment on a current 
  Therefore lease add the group Documentation as reviewer for any change 
related to GUI or docbook content
  Thanks a lot

  R260 Gwenview


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