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  >  Regarding the entity, just expand it inline, or define the entity in this 
file: we add it for people who have more contributions (and it would introduce 
a dependency on a new version of Frameworks, so you would need to keep the 
expanded version here anyway).
  OK, thanks for the pointers.
  @yurchor: thanks for the review.


> yurchor wrote in index.docbook:1332
> Would it be better to have multiple sect1s (sect2s -> sect1s) in a chapter 
> rather than have just one?

Actually I want all the content to be in one page, since it's all relevant and 
the user would have to keep going back and forth between multiple files to look 
stuff up.

> yurchor wrote in index.docbook:1341
> going -> go

I am not a native speaker, but "going" sounds (more) correct to me.

I would use "go" like this:
To open the Key Bindings Editor "click" the menu entry ........, and "go" to 
the keyboard tab.

> yurchor wrote in index.docbook:1363
> Ctrl keys _are_ not pressed.

It was supposed to be "key", I've fixed that.

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