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> ngraham wrote in ExpandableListItem.qml:2
> Where should it live? PC2? Kirigami?

Definitely can't be in PC2.

Kirigami is doable, but it'd require some code changes to not use any Plasma.* 
imports and go through relevant abstractions

Failing that plasmaextracomponents

> ngraham wrote in ExpandableListItem.qml:23
> Not unused, it's needed for `Highlight`, which has no PC3 version.

I meant this one

import org.kde.plasma.plasmoid 2.0

having that in library code is surprising.

> ngraham wrote in ExpandableListItem.qml:230
> Not random; this is the easing curve we agreed to and is now in the HIG: 
> https://hig.kde.org/style/animations.html#guidelines

I meant the duration

  R242 Plasma Framework (Library)


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