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  > > Maybe this is just me but the overall width to height ratio makes it seem 
that the closest "real" mice are quite dated as well.
  > I don't understand what you mean with this, do you think it should be 
slimmer? I kind of followed the old one in this, even if it doesn't seem like 
it. Right now its ratio is ~0,67 while microsoft's standard old mouse is kind 
of close to that (but has a different shape)
  Right but that shape makes quite a bit of difference here -- especially since 
real mouse design is *all about* shape. You'll also note that the actual mouse 
you took for inspiration has a much more pronounced "hump" (as many modern mice 
  > I don't think an icon for its place needs side buttons, fast scrolling 
buttons etc. Being kind of abstract, simple and out of the way I think is a 
plus in its case.
  That is an artistic choice.
  > The ergonomic mouse shape/ especially existing icon's left side is really 
cool, but unfortunately I don't have the skills to make something like this (I 
hardly know how to use inkscape). I think it takes a lot of skill to be able to 
create something realistic but also manage to strike a balance and I don't even 
have a little skill.
  Rght, I wouldn't have much of a clue either on how to make *any* icon. (It's 
just a lot easier to criticise than it is to create...) If on the other hand 
you really like the old mouse icon as well but just want it to work better for 
dark themes then another option might be to recolour the old icon to get better 
contrast out of it against the dark background.

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