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  In D29406#663112 <>, @apol wrote:
  > > If I understand correctly, it is necessary to use dbus spectacle in this 
case, so that dbus can manage the application instance and make sure we end up 
with only one, whether we launch the app, use a shortcut or launch from command 
  > I don't think that's a good reason. We have lots of applications that do 
that without having to be launched by dbus: plasmashell, krunner, yakuake, etc. 
It's done by using KDBusService.
  I didn't know about this, so did perhaps @davidedmundson in
  I guess spectacle should use `KDBusService(KDBusService::Unique` but it has 
always been in multiple instance since it was Dbus enabled 
<> and 
this require some refactoring unfortunately.

  R309 KService


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