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  In D29711#670470 <>, @ngraham wrote:
  > In D29711#670458 <>, @cfeck wrote:
  > > Sorry if I don't understand the scope, but does this mean I am forced to 
install systemsettings to be able to use KCMs?
  > Why, is the "I'm using Plasma but I don't have System Settings installed" 
use case something that you think we should handle?
  > The context is that users were requesting for KCMs to be opened in System 
Settings, not KCMShell ( and we 
implemented that for the KCM runner for Plasma 5.19. The issue fixed here is an 
inconsistency in that opening KCMs from Plasma applet context menu would still 
open it in KCMShell, not System Settings or Info Center (which in 5.19 is now 
just System Settings; the same app shows both).
  If the scope of this change is just about Plasma applet, of course 
systemsettings is going to be around.
  But are you sure you want to kill kcmshell? KCMs are not for Plasma only. 
Opening them outside Plasma would still require a minimal shell.
  Regarding this change, I guess you may have discussed it already, but 
wouldn't it be possible to find out whether systemsettings is available (and 
then kinfocenter) and use it, without adding a new function?

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