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  In D22488#673575 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D22488#673575>, @poboiko wrote:
  > UPD: seems like it doesn't. I've added couple qDebug lines, to 
`QIcon::fromTheme()` method and near `QIcon::setFallbackThemeName()` with your 
patch, and then ran okular and dolphin. 
  >  By the time `setFallbackThemeName()` is called, almost all icons are 
already loaded :(
  Yes, that's exactly what i said with my comment about it being bad :D
  Ok, maybe we can go extra crazy and [assuming my patch makes it to Qt 5.15.1] 
have this block and your block from KMainWindow (maybe adding a if 
QIcon::fallbackThemeName().isEmpty() first, we don't want to overwrite if 
people manually chose something else)

  R302 KIconThemes


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