On 5/22/20 6:49 PM, Aleix Pol wrote:
I was looking through some Plasma code and I saw that we have some
fairly old emoticons KCM using KF5Emoticons.

Now while I know why this exists, it feels like it's more of a thing
of the past from when people wrote :) instead of πŸ™‚. While keeping it
around for the few apps that might still use it (ktp? kopete?) could
make sense, I'm afraid it's probably making it confusing for the users
who expect this to actually allow them to customise their πŸ™‚ but

Do you think it would make sense to deprecate the framework and remove the KCM?

If some application still uses it, they can integrate the kcm
temporarily until their users come to terms that πŸ™‚ is the new :).

I think so. IIRC we already agreed to this, in fact. See https://phabricator.kde.org/T11585


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