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  In D26342#675180 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D26342#675180>, @aacid wrote:
  > In D26342#675164 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D26342#675164>, @sdepiets 
  > > I don't think that's a regression, in the previous behavior you could try 
to set any language to proofread, it would always auto-detect "Bonjour" as 
French, thus the "Tools / Spelling / change language" had not effect if 
autodetect was enabled at system level (while autodetection should be an 
application or even case by case decision).
  Autodetection *is* an application setting, it's in Settings / Spellchecker... 
/ [x] Enable autodetection of language
  >> It may not seem like an issue for simple cases, but actually for mixed 
contents (i.e. an email that is 50% French, 50% English) that would be detected 
as English, you would have no way at all to check the French text without 
disabling system-wide autodectection.
  In my experience a mixed email was perfectly handled, with each paragraph 
having a different language.
  See http://www.davidfaure.fr/2020/Screenshot_20200613_194827.png
  But I think you're talking about the spellchecking dialog (which I never use, 
except this month because of the need to find a workaround).
  My concern is for autodetection and background spellchecking. If a fix for 
the spellcheck dialog introduces a change of behaviour for the background 
spellchecking, that's a regression.
  >> Calling setAutoDetectLanguageDisabled(false) restores the previous behavior
  Changes in KF5 should NOT require applications to adapt in order to restore 
previous *working* behaviour.
  > The problem here is that David probably never set any language on purpose.
  In fact, if I open the settings dialog, it has "fran├žais" checked in the top 
listview, and only that one.
  Meanwhile the Tools / Spelling dialog shows "American English (UnitedStates)" 
in the combobox.
  This particular issue happens even with this patch reverted. Something's 
rather broken.
  > you could argue that this is a deficiency of the UI, should have a checkbox 
for "enable spellchecking" and another for "enable spellchecking *exactly* in 
this language"
  Not sure I understand this.
  > And this is were we failed, we changed the default behaviour and that's 
probably not the greatest of the ideas in retrospect. Even if we could not see 
why anyone would set a language and would still want the auto language 
detection to be enabled, well it seems that at least David wanted because it's 
been the behaviour for ages :D
  *I* don't really set a language. Maybe KMail does though. @mlaurent might 
know more?

  R246 Sonnet


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