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  In D27633#619369 <>, @aacid wrote:
  > In D27633#619365 <>, @aacid wrote:
  > > I think this broke
 guess ┬┐KAccountsDPlugin now requires parameters to the constructor and is thus 
not a valid Q_INTERFACE?
  > >
  > > @nicolasfella can you please look at it?
  > On top of that that's a BIC change, you can't do BIC changes on KF5 repos, 
so revert?
  Even if it is not a Framework, this is still a BIC change without an SONAME 
bump; @nicolasfella what about bumping `KACCOUNTS_SOVERSION` in the top-level 
CMakeLists.txt to `2` to reflect that?

  R155 KAccounts Integration


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