Hi everyone,

you might not even have known this but officially I have been KRunner's 
maintainer for several years at this point :-)

However, I have decided to step down as its maintainer as I believe won't be 
able to really move KRunner forward for KF6 despite a grand vision [1] for a 
lack of time and, frankly, motivation.

Therefore, I'd like to pass the torch to Alexander Lohnau. He's bringing many 
fresh ideas to the table and is very enthusiastic about making KRunner shine 
again. He's also surely done more in the past months than I did in the past 
years and so it's only fair to not have his ambitions hindered by my 
unresponsiveness on code reviews.

Alexander, thank you again for hosting that KRunner BoF at your first ever 
Akademy - the stage is yours ;-)

Kai Uwe 

[1] https://phabricator.kde.org/T12031

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