>> Anyway, enough rambling. I should have something in a few days.
> sure, take your time to look at it, its nothing we need to decide in a few 
> days.
> Just as prove of concept that tracker can do a lot of stuff and
> we still can keep the public API we have (perhaps beside the indexerconfig
> stuff,
> beside if we start to query tracker configs, too) I hacked a bit more on
> my tracker baloo variant.
> https://quickgit.kde.org/?p=clones%2Fbaloo%2Fcullmann%2Ftbaloo.git
> Stuff like:
> baloosearch "type:Audio modified<=2016-12-12" -d /home/cullmann/data
> works now again, still missing is handling of generic properties (which then
> need to be mapped to the matching sparql names and tags) and the filling
> of the KFileMedaData from the tracker DB.
> But I think I will only invest time in that after we all came to some
> consensus what to do at all, just wanted to show that tracker stuff is 
> feasible
> without a great amount of work with even keeping the API intact enough
> that we would have some transition possibility without breaking BC/SC.
> (modulo query string conversion glitches)
anyone had some time to take a look at Baloo and Co.?


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