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Review request for KDE Frameworks.

Repository: karchive


This method is similar to `QIODevice::errorString()`. I added a public 
`errorString()` method and a protected `setErrorString()` method, to allow 
`KArchive`'s subclasses to implement their own error messages. I also 
implemented most error messages from most subclasses.


  autotests/karchivetest.cpp d0fbf41 
  src/k7zip.cpp 692b1db 
  src/kar.cpp 7204fb1 
  src/karchive.h b528a4a 
  src/karchive.cpp a1a160a 
  src/karchive_p.h 256620d 
  src/krcc.cpp 1947dd6 
  src/ktar.cpp f70b155 
  src/kzip.cpp 94d4276 

Diff: https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/129170/diff/


I added `QVERIFY` calls after all errors in `karchivetests.cpp`. Perhaps we'll 
need more tests, but I'm not sure how to make an archive to fail in some 
specific way aside from the very basics ("file not found", etc.).


Romário Rios

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