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  > > >;023e3ecfe985e09f786134fc28793d24383998f8$11
 when not xcompiling the targets are fairly useless and don't need to get 
imported at all)
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  > What content does the file included by
  > include("${KCONFIGCOMPILER_PATH}")
  > should have to be usable ?
  The exported executable. Basically: CMake has two Targets.cmake files. One 
for the library artifacts and one completely separate one for the helpers. This 
allows including either/or depending on what is needed and by extension 
including the host's helpers when cross compiling
  Further references:
  - here we install the binary and EXPORT it into KF5ConfigCompilerTargets;023e3ecfe985e09f786134fc28793d24383998f8$23
  - here we install the targets;023e3ecfe985e09f786134fc28793d24383998f8$81
  - note that KF5ConfigCompilerTargets (helper binaries) is different from 
KF5ConfigTargets (library artifacts)
  - in our Config.cmake we always include our library targets;023e3ecfe985e09f786134fc28793d24383998f8$5
  - but depending on xcompiling we'll either include the helper binary from the 
host's KF5ConfigCompilerTargets or ours when not xcompiling;023e3ecfe985e09f786134fc28793d24383998f8$11
  This ultimately results in `find_package(KF5Config)` always importing 
`KF5::kconfig_compiler`, but depending on the xcompiling stuff it may be the 
  This would work pretty much exactly the same for sonnet with the additional 
change that the xcompile if inside the source itself 
 would change to `find_file; include` boilerplate of;023e3ecfe985e09f786134fc28793d24383998f8$12
  I think @apol wrote the initial implementation of this magic and can probably 
answer questions better than me though :)

  R246 Sonnet


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