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  In general ok, but there are two issues to be fixed
  1. Remove spaces around items as noted in the comment
  2. Please extend / add a highlighting test case in autotest/input/
  The goal is to have all highlighting files unit tested, since otherwise we 
can not maintain this over time.


> rest.xml:21
> +      <!-- http://docutils.sourceforge.net/docs/ref/rst/directives.html -->
> +      <item> attention </item>
> +      <item> caution </item>

Please remove the space before and after attention, i.e. " attention " -> 
"attention". Syntax highlighting files with spaces raise warnings and soon will 
not be accepted anymore.

The reason for this change was that when loading the xml files, we want to 
avoid to trim hundreds of thousands of QStrings.

Same for all the office items.


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