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  Considering that I'm more or less the only one working on baloo, I'd prefer 
to postpone this for a while instead of adding more complexity. At least until 
I have understood the inner workings of baloo.
  Also the list of bugs reporting baloo's crashes is quite long. Fixing those 
has become my top priority.
  @mgallien: Unless it really thwarts you I ask for your patience.
  > I would actually not even do that, as baloo isn't working that well e.g. on 
NFS and co. and that will limit the use of your application (which is cool 
  @cullmann: T7860 <https://phabricator.kde.org/T7860> lists some of my 
observations wrt samba shares. I don't know NFS, can you enlighten me regarding 
deviceids and inodes on NFS?

  R293 Baloo


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