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  -1 from my side because:
  - Dolphin: By default, the sidebar now has an ugly scrollbar. (The screenshot 
is "staged" in that regard.)
  - Gwenview: This clutters the Places list on the Start Page with a bunch of 
stuff not relevant for users (e.g. Music). I'm still busy fixing the fallout 
from the last patch similarly adding unwanted/broken entries, so please help 
out if you must add this globally. Note this is not only about Gwenview, but a 
lot of other apps using `KFilePlaces` are not interested in some of the entries 
  - In general: Now there's duplication with Search For. For example, what's 
the difference between "Documents" and "Documents"? (Not everybody is aware of 
the headers, and rightfully shouldn't!) Same for "Pictures" vs. "Images". Maybe 
I could live with that if this only appeared if Baloo was turned off.
  I'd rather use `KFilePlaces` more as a bookmark thingy, i.e. something where 
users add custom entries they want to see either in all or in specific apps. 
Those are highly specialized folders in my experience, depending on user's 
workflows and not something we could predict. Better leave some space so users 
can customize themselves.
  Sorry Nate, I know you meant well. Nevertheless, let's hear first what others 
have to say, maybe I'm wrong or we could tone down the list a bit…

  R241 KIO


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