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  The scrollbar issue is real, though I don't think scrollbars are as awful as 
you do. :-) Something to think about. I could see removing Music and Pictures, 
maybe. But Desktop, Documents, and Downloads are heavily used by ordinary 
regular users and I think it makes sense to provide links to them in the Places 
panel by default.
  This raises a greater question of whether or not it makes sense to have 
`KFilePlaces` in Gwenview. Gwenview is an image viewer, and necessarily, the 
majority of `KFilePlaces` items are not going to be relevant to pictures. Same 
for other apps using it. Even without my patch, this issue will occur for users 
who add their own items to the Places panel.
  I feel like the label duplication with the Search For section is a minor 
issue, and mostly a red herring. The header is right there, so at least in 
English, the implied imperative sentence is quite obvious: "Search for 
Documents", "Search for Music," etc. The functions are totally different, and 
equally important (and if anything, the functionality gained by this patch is 
more important).

  R241 KIO


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