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  Good analysis on the plotter. Thanks for looking into it.
  > but in some rare cases, it can be deleted too by some external cause, 
usually when a widget changes its parent
  If someone deletes something that's meant to be ref-counted it's being used 
  If there was a real bug in ManagedTextureNode we would have seen it in all 
the code that already used it; iconitem, framesvgitem, etc...
  This is just a bug in plotter. If you do need to reverse the smart pointer 
logic to have a weak pointer, keep it within there.
  Btw, you don't need managedtexturenode unless you're using the texturecache, 
since Qt 5.4 you can use QSGSimpleTextureNode::setOwnsTexture.   It might help?

  R296 KDeclarative


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