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  > > Keeping Pictures but removing Music would seem to be a compromise, no? 
But since this has proved controversial, it's obviously not going in anytime 
soon, so no need to worry about that.
  > Well, Documents and Downloads would be useful (perhaps Desktop if we really 
want to promote that, personally I'd leave it out).
  > If you want to do it right, your patch (or multiple patches) could:
  > - add common stuff to KIO (Documents, Downloads)
  > - add special stuff to Dolphin (Search For, Pictures, Music etc.)
  > - remove special stuff from KIO (e.g. Search For)
  > - change the order
  > > Since the places model is now in KIO, once a user adds a location in 
Dolphin, it automatically shows up in all apps now, right? Or am I wrong and 
there is a way to make things appear only in Dolphin and the file open/save 
dialogs, but not other apps' own uses of `KFilePlaces`? If so, that would seem 
to be an obvious intermediate solution and I'll focus on that.
  > Well, if the user checks Only show when using this application (Dolphin) 
while adding an item, it should (unless there's a bug) only appear in Dolphin, 
otherwise it will be available everywhere. Both are valid use cases.
  I don't think almost any users use or know about that because the two most 
obvious methods of adding something to the Places panel--drag-and-drop and the 
file's "Add to places" context menu item--make it global by default. Also if we 
add Music and Pictures et al to just Dolphin by default, then they're not going 
to show up in the file open/save dialogs where they're useful, right?

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