thiago added a comment.

  Why do you ask for a rewview then not wait for the review?
  Belated -1. No actual review of the change done, because I can't tell what 
you've done.


> fdreceiver.cpp:34
>  {
> +    SocketAddress addr(m_path.toStdString());
> +    if (!addr.address()) {

Don't use toStdString(). I know this is what it used to do, but you can take 
the opportunity to fix the issue.

> fdreceiver.cpp:88
> +        }
> +#else
> +#error Cannot get socket credentials!

Where's the support for other OSes?

> fdreceiver.h:45
>      int m_fileDes;
> +    QString m_path;
>  };

Nitpick: always sort your members by size.

> file.h:106
>      bool privilegeOperationUnitTestMode();
> -    PrivilegeOperationReturnValue execWithElevatedPrivilege(ActionType 
> action, const QVariant &arg1,
> -                                                            const QVariant 
> &arg2 = QVariant(),
> -                                                            const QVariant 
> &arg3 = QVariant());
> -    PrivilegeOperationReturnValue tryOpen(QFile &f, const QByteArray &path, 
> int flags, int mode);
> +    PrivilegeOperationReturnValue execWithElevatedPrivilege(ActionType 
> action, const QVariantList &args, int errcode);
> +    PrivilegeOperationReturnValue tryOpen(QFile &f, const QByteArray &path, 
> int flags, int mode, int errcode);

This change should be in a separate commit. I can't tell what you're doing 
specifically to fix the bug with so much noise in this commit.

  R241 KIO


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