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  > @mgallien: Here is way to come close to reproducing this without corrupting 
you db:
  >   $balooctl stop
  > - Take 2 pendrives A and B
  > - Plug them in in this order: A > B Assuming they are mounted inside 
`/run/media/mgallien/` ``` $ stat -c "%D %n" /run/media/mgallien/* ``` Unmount 
and unplug the drives Plug them in again in this order: B > A ``` $ stat -c "%D 
%n" /run/media/mgallien/* ``` On my system Drive A now has a different device 
  > - Read `baloo/src/engine/idutils.h:48'
  > - Plug out the drives, restart baloo
  >   For testing I indexed some files on the pendrive. Without the drive 
plugged in on my system the result is weird behaviour like this: ``` 
baloosearch -d "/run/media/mgallien/" type:Video | xargs -d'\n' balooshow -x 
"{}" Elapsed: 5.45662 msecs ASSERT: "id > 0" in file 
/home/super/devel/kde/src/frameworks/baloo/src/engine/transaction.cpp, line 101 
xargs: balooshow: terminated by signal 6 ``` Which of course should not happen.
  I will test following your procedure. Anyway, this should not happen. Let's 
try to fix that bug.

  R293 Baloo


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