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  @dfaure Thank you for your answer :-)
  As I am still at the beginnings I am really grateful for such constructive 
and valuable feedback like yours it helps me to become better and improve my 
  Regarding your points:
  First of all I agree that a nice name istead of a simple file name is much 
better on the other side there could only be one template with this name and if 
this one is choosen very well then it's hard to guess that this template is for 
but I think this shouldn't be the case so often.
  When I started my journey with Linux it begin with Gnome2, over the time I 
moved to Gnome3 but had more and more issues and so I switched to KDE and 
Plasma then I read an article about the early 5.0 versions, ssaw some 
schreenshots and felt like: You have to use this, it's beautiful! (I never 
liked how oxygen looked like and as teen and linux noob in the past I didn't 
even know how to change the look and so never took a deeper look into the worlf 
od KDE ... what a shame) Du shorten the things a little bit ... I liked the way 
templates are handled in Gnome, you just put your custom files into the folder 
and they appear in the menu, even with the folder hirarchy if you had one und 
this is something I missed a lot in the beginning when I switched to Plasma. 
Until a few days I even don't know that a customazation was possible at all ^^
  I was thinking about a display name which gets the name for the mimetipe and 
adds the file name to it, if this is possible so get something like: "HTML 
FIle: StartPage.html"
  Then you have reservations about file support in KDE dirs and that's okay I 
think. This patch adds no support for "normal" files and I don't plan to add it 
to this revision. Maybe a second patch will follow which enables this feature 
again, but I didn't achive anything that worked correct until now. But lets 
move forward, should I be able to make this happen I could limit this support 
to the local template folder which does make a lot of sense for me too.
  The reason I added this to the installedTemplates was that I can then easiely 
use the KDirWatch and new files would be detected automatically which is 
important because otherwise the whole function does not make sense for me.
  At least I don't know any and was not able to find something. If there would 
be something it would be great to addapt it, because a great workflow would be:
  Drag'n Drop a file (or create a new one) to the template dir
  A dialog would open where the user can enter a nice name, maybe a comment 
also and after that the local file would be moved to an .source dir and the 
.desktop file would be greated on the fly like you said
  This would be awesome :)
  I will work on your improvements regarding the code. Most of them I didn't 
know I took a look and similar code, searched in the documentation of QT and 
just wanted to make it safe and clean but great if I can get rid of most of 
them which will make it even simpler ;-)
  Just one note for this point:
  > the 2nd arg isn't necessary, just do line.mid(19)
  I can't get rid of these because a normal entry in the user-dirs.dirs looks 
like: XDG_TEMPLATES_DIR="$HOME/Templates" so I have to remove the " before and 
at the end of the path.
  Sorry for the wall of text ^^

  R241 KIO


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