Am Freitag, 9. Februar 2018, 10:07:35 CET schrieb René J.V. Bertin:
> I just discover that the huge source tarball size of the oxygen-icons5 theme
> is not a result of it using png icons, but of an enormous collection of SVG
> icons.
> Two questions arise:
> - why are they there so many more than there are png icons (= what are they
> used for)?

AFAIK because the oxygen icons are more complex and detailed, the SVG version 
do not properly scale below a certain size, there are more "items" in the icon 
than what can be properly rendered onto e.g. 32x32 pixels and still be 
recognizable as result. Also are objects in the SVG not straight aligned to 
all the different pixel-sizes, given they are not based on simple 2^n scaling.

So all the PNG versions are there as handcrafted optimized versions of their 
SVG counterpart, so the icons are still usable when needed in sizes of 

> - where are the instructions on how to install (only) the
> scalable version?

Unless one has a high-dpi screen where any icon used is rendered at least as 
64x64 or 128x128 (not really sure if there is a given minimal size when the 
SVG versions no longer need handcrafted substitutes) that would not really be 
recommended, so no-one has yet added support for that.

Hm, actually it seems the scalable versions are not even installed by the 
That might perhaps something worth to consider given more and more people use 
high-dpi screens. But then not sure if the svg icon rendering engine used 
supports all the SVG features used in the SVG code of the oxygen icons... 
indeed at least QSvg seems to fail on some icons by a quick test, so that 
might be the reason.


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