Friedrich W. H. Kossebau wrote:

> Too focussed on the second question, I missed this one. Hm, doing a quick
> incomplete ls -1 | wc -l on some categories I would rather see more PNG files
> per size than SVG files.

You're right actually, I see now that I missed directory level in one of my own 
ls commands (I blame a keyboard that's just too small =] )

> IIRC the scalable folder simply contains the raw data/sources used to generate
> the PNG versions, kept there as source material for any further icons or
> modification of existing ones.

The thought did cross my mind, but in that case the release source tarballs 
contain over 380Mb "junk DNA" vs. only about 52Mb useful payload. A bit of a 
waste of bandwidth and download times, no?

> Given you seem a user of Arch or Fedora as you found those packages, you might
> want to pick up this task?

I'm not, in fact. I found them because I googled for scalable Oxygen icons, for 
a completely different reason (embedding a few in a binary resource).

> "Best quality" deoends on the capabilities of the SVG renderer deployed by the
> QIconTheme. As you found yourself, chance is that not.

Actually, for the examples I gave the rendered SVG still looks better at a 
larger size than an upscaled bitmap. The icon isn't exactly the same, but it 
doesn't look like a blown-up bitmap. This will differ from icon to icon of 
course; some may have weird rendering artefacts.

> So unless someone works on deploying a more powerful runtime SVG renderer or 

Isn't there a libsvg based on Cairo?

> someone works on trying to port all the SVG features used in the Oxygen icons 
> to SVG 1.2 Tiny (might not be even feasible), this situation is simply a 
> given state.

It might also be (more?) useful to review and simplify the Oxygen icons. Not as 
an improved replacement, but as an alternative fork, say, Oxygen-Modern. I have 
no idea if the advanced SVG features have anything to do with the non-flat 
or the incredible level of detail in some icons (cf. go-jump-locationbar.svgz), 
but both aspects could surely be tuned down a bit without changing the theme's 
character completely.

>> Inkscape only complains about document-new.svg ("unknown type: ns:sfw").
> Which version of inkscape?

0.91 and 0.92.2 .


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