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  > > > > There is one issue I have with this. While this is close to the 
`sudo`-mode of temporary authorization grants, it doesn't work that way as the 
whole session has full access via file.so.
  > > >
  > > >
  > > > How exactly? Is there any way for an application to choose a slave 
process instead of being assigned one at random?
  > >
  > >
  > > There isn't. Which makes any mitigation attempt impossible.
  > There actually kind of is, kio has this "special" mode called 
KDE_FORK_SLAVES in which slaves are directly forked by the app instead of by 
klauncher. I'm not sure how much that would help here. Maybe @dfaure can shed 
some light?
  The issue is that file.so decides whether to use the helper or not, so this 
doesn't actually help.

  R241 KIO


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