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  Agree with the text not being useful for small sizes, but it could look good 
for a large logo-style image (like say, a 256px logo on the wiki/homepage). 
  A cassette is definitely an interesting idea for an icon. At least it's not 
another musical note or play icon 
  It's true that it's old school, but we also use CDs for albums which is also 
kind of old school now, so it's not totally off. Green is ok too, since the CDs 
and their background are all green (and blueish). You could also mixing it with 
some subtle blue/cyan tints in there.
  Also, I think if we're going 80s we should go all the way. Instead of a 
gradient (green to white), consider using some 80s motif like the vanishing 
lines in here:
  You should probably limit it to 1-2 lines for the smaller sizes though. You 
could probably replace the text with the lines/motif in small sizes too.
  More ideas for that: 
  BTW, love your avatar!

  R266 Breeze Icons


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