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  @dfaure i can make the test much more complete if you want.. But it's more 
complex thus i left it out.
  I can store the UDSEntry in a QDataStream which would be backed by a 
QByteArray. That can be hashed!
  Then i can do the same after moving operations and compare the hash. That way 
i would know for sure the UDSEntry objects match perfectly.
  But as said, that is more complex. I'd probably make a lambda within the 
testMove() function. I think with a signature like this:
  auto udsEntryHash = [](const KIO::UDSEntry &entry){
  // some foo..
  return hash; (would be the QCryptographicHash::result() output).
  Your call :)
  Or i can add that as a separate test that just tests UDSEntry copy and move 
operations. That might actually be better and more generic.
  Do note that this doesn't fix or catch anything at the moment. It would just 
be an extra test to guarantee copying of UDSEntry objects is not broken.

  R241 KIO


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