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  @kossebau's right: the problem lies in `lookandfeeltool` depending on 
`kcm.cpp`, while the `kcoreaddons_desktop_to_json()` call makes the 
`kcm_lookandfeel` target depend on the generation of the json file. It's pretty 
easy to reproduce this bug by running `make lookandfeeltool_autogen` with a 
fresh build directory.
  > For this very patch, I am still lost on how cmake generates the rules for 
automoc stuff, so no clue if switching to an explicit intermediate target 
improves something.
  In terms of generated `Makefile`s, without the patch in this review request 
we have 
with the right dependencies 
(`kcms/lookandfeel/CMakeFiles/kcm_lookandfeel_autogen` depends on 
`kcms/lookandfeel/kcm_lookandfeel.json`, which calls `desktoptojson`). With 
this patch applied, the difference is that the dependency is moved to 
`$BUILDDIR/CMakeFiles/Makefile2`, where 
`kcms/lookandfeel/CMakeFiles/kcm_lookandfeel_autogen.dir/all` depends on 
`kcms/lookandfeel/CMakeFiles/lookandfeeltool_autogen.dir/all` still doesn't 
depend on anything though, so the bug persists if I run `make  
lookandfeeltool_autogen` directly.

  R244 KCoreAddons


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