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  It's totally conceivable for e.g. a KPart or a Plasma plugin to open a 
QWidget-based window where the KMessageBox is appropriate, and if there's only 
a global interface instance and Plasma overrides it to hide all message boxes 
it's going to break KIO users in plugins. So I don't think going to a single 
global is good enough, it would have to be able to set more narrowly. This also 
bubbles up actually - the KRun calls we're talking about are in libtaskmanager 
which is technically meant to be UI-agnostic, so it'd have to also expose some 
way to set the interface instance. I agree all of this is in theory good (we 
need to make KIO more toolkit-agnostic - I have another giant patch sitting 
around that's almost-unfinishable that adds QWindow support to some APIs that 
currently only accept QWidgets I don't even have), but I think it's KIO 6 
material and not the quick fix I'm looking for.
  I found a cludge that's ugly but works to fix the crash - I'll update this in 
a moment to see how much you hate it. :)

  R241 KIO


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