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  > @simgunz Thanks again for your patience (first commit in July!). Hope to 
see more patches from you in the future (both large* like this one, but also 
smaller things**), as you both have a good eye for usability as well as the 
means to implement changes. You should think about applying for commit access 
in tandem with you next patch or the one after that ;)
  I finished writing my Ph.D. thesis right now. Finally I am a free man again! 
(this is also the reason why it took so long to complete this revision, because 
my commits came spaced by months :-) )
  I'll definitely have more free time from this moment on, and I'll be glad to 
  > *) I know Nate would love to get collapsible headers in Dolphin's sidebar…
  I was thinking to discuss the possibility to make a new KDE UI component for 
collapsible headers so that it can be used in multiple places. Maybe I can open 
a task for discussing this and collect opinions and possible use cases to see 
if it makes sense.
  > **) Just ask if you need ideas.
  I usually have too many, and not enough time. Reason why my big projects are 
swamped, and why I open a lot of bugs without fixing them myself.
  I must say I loved the phabricator experience. I always programmed by myself 
my own projects, but discussing how to implement things, having someone to 
review the modifications is why more fun and the quality of the outcome is way 
  My next big goal is try to improve the usability of Okular, especially 
improving the annotations. (I think there are at least 10 bug reports opened by 
me on this). I'll get you involved soon.

  R241 KIO


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