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  My guess is that the problem is not in the direct delete of local files.
  In fact, unlink() in most of the modern filesystems is not affected by the 
size of the file and is quite fast.
  Another way to reproduce this bug:
  - Create a directory
  - Create 50.000 files of 2 bytes each one, for example with: "for i in `seq 
-w 1 50000`; do dd if=/dev/urandom of=file-$i.go bs=1 count=2; done"
  - Go to that directory, select all files and shift-supr them.
  - Confirm the dialog with the list of files to delete.
  Wait too much for the task to start.
  And after the notification of the work done, wait again for dolphin to become 
  The same problem affects the rename task in such directory,

  R241 KIO


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